Bonibi Store

About Us

Bonibi is a family-run company that brings together various passions and expertise around design, distinctive brand curation, wholesale/retail operation, and leading-edge lifestyle products. Our partners are welcoming and friendly but believe prompt and accurate in-store and online service is essential to enhance customer’s valuable time.
Our founding team has disparate cultural backgrounds spanning Europe, Turkey, and the United States. Our lives have been lived across leading cultural capitals including Los Angeles, New York City, Istanbul, and Berlin. Our exposure, experience, and energy drive the restless Bonibi creativity.
For the young-at-heart and for the young adult, Bonibi is about energetic yet relaxed personalized expression. Style is much more than fashion at Bonibi, it is about how you feel today and the belief in a better tomorrow.
We specialize in all types of sportswear, lifestyle accessories, and artwork. Lakeside, we are proud to offer our community an expanding selection of hand-crafted and often unique food & beverage. Our gracious staff are our partners and are well trained in all aspects of Bonibi’s products and service.
We are often joined by family and friends with wide-open windows to enjoy our world-renowned and neighbors. You will often be met at the store by one or all of Bonibi’s founding partners. We live and practice diversity and inclusiveness, and we look forward to experiencing the authentic Bonibi lifestyle.